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Community Capacity Building

Our Community Capacity Building Programme aims to empower the community with knowledge towards wealth creation, environmental protection, land degradation prevention, human lively hood and awareness on disease control and education. We address community participatory approach through empowerment and capacity building.  Our objectives towards capacity programme are:


- To build capacity of existing community based organization so that they can strengthen their own capacity to meet their needs.


- To train and educate them, so that they continue to strengthen, their org and to learn from them on the emerging issues.


- To enhance participatory approach on leadership and government development.


- To train the member and community organization on organizational development tools.


- To enhance case study programmes, forum discussion field visit and observation.


- To work in close liaison with other partners on capacity building programmes to provide trainings and support in finance.


- To organize an international forum to discuss agro organic business as source live hood to the community.


- To train women on leadership through partner organization.


- To educate on health, environment and education on the need to meet millennium development goals.


Through capacity building workshops we share views and ideas to get permanent solution to the problems affecting the society. We exchange farm based experience on organic agriculture and how to approve and make peasant farmer to do agro business organic farm. In most forums we learn on family development and community emerging issues from local and international community. We gather how local community, national, international community address crises for sustainable development.


We invite any person to volunteer with us and share his/her skills, time and ideas to support this project aimed to community empowerment.


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